Köln bis Prag - Gerhard Richter-Ausstellungen 2017

Cologne to Prague – Gerhard Richter exhibitions in 2017

Gehard Richter is one of the most important and influental artists of our time – to the 85th anniversary of the painter his work will be shown in the following exhibitions:

New Paintings” - Museum Ludwig, Cologne/Staatlliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden
9 February - 1 May 2017

Gerhard Richter. The Editions” - Museum Folkwang, Essen
7 April - 30 July 2017


About Paintings – Early Works” - Kunstmuseum Bonn
15 July - 1 October 2017

Gerhard Richter” - National Gallery Prague
26 April - 3 September 2017

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Der Blaue Reiter kehrt zurück

The Blue Rider Returns – Lenbachhaus, Munich

The Lenbachhaus in Munich presents its recently rearranged collection with works by the “Blaue Reiter”. Following the title “Der Blaue Reiter kehrt zurück” (“The Blue Rider Returns”), the museum emphasizes a new accent on the world’s largest ensemble of paintings by the members of the avant-garde artist group whose representatives rank as decisive pioneers of 20th-century Modern art. The key element of the exhibition’s concept is Der Blaue Reiter Almanac, which was published in 1912 and edited by Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc, for which a separate room has been installed within the new presentation. Based on Gabriele Münster’s donation of around 1000 works she had collected with her longtime companion Wassily Kandinsky, the new exquisite selection of works, in the gallery devoted to her, is now combined with folk art and art by children of their former collection to underline the pluralistic ideas of the Blue Rider.

Permanent exhibition

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